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A little more about us

First organised in 2013, We Will Dance is Singapore’s first 10-hour charity dance marathon. This year, we will be focusing on raising funds for educational causes. Besides the USP Student Assistance Fund, We Will Dance 2016 is looking to support institutions involved in educational-related causes, namely - Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), Autism Association (Singapore) and SPD (formerly Society for the Physically Disabled).


We will dance 2019

We Will Dance will be moving to the heart of the city at SCAPE - PLAYSPACE on 24th August. Expect exciting performances choreographies with genres of Kpop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood and more. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram for the latest updates!


This year, we will be revamping our approach towards interacting with the community. “We Will Dance 2019” will incorporate three measures of intervention to achieve our core mission.


Community Roadshows

10 locations across Singapore!

We Will Dance 2019 features an unprecedented community roadshows segment that brings dance to the heartlands through game consoles suitable for dance games. Organised in heartland shopping malls in the span of 3 months (Jun - Aug), members of the public can expect to get a glimpse of what our Dance Marathon will be like, while having the chance to interact and listen to what our community partners have to share about their own aspirations and narratives in response to our tagline of “What do you dance for?”.


Dance Sessions

Spreading the joy of dance!

Students from secondary and pre-tertiary educational institutions will be invited to dance alongside our community partners at our partnered dance studios.  Dance sessions with our community partners are conducted by artists of the local dance scene. Catered specifically to the needs of the community partners, these sessions bring the joy of dancing and an alternative fun-filled workout right to our community partners' doorsteps. Student volunteers will also be actively involved in the dance sessions, thus creating meaningful interactions between the younger generation and our community partners' clients through dance.


dance marathon

The fun wouldn't be completed without a carnival! 

The marathon is a public fundraiser, where profits will be donated to the community partners. After having attended pre-event dance clinics, the beneficiaries will also be invited to take part in the dance marathon and dance alongside members of the public. Accompanying the dance marathon is a carnival supported by various secondary schools, tertiary institutions, and our community partners. The carnival will be offering consumables and activities, serving as a concurrent source of entertainment and refreshment for marathon participants. It also serves as an alternative medium for both marathon participants and student volunteers to contribute to the fundraising efforts.